Get ready to build strength through the foundational movements while improving your mobility and busting through plateaus.

This program includes three phases, each with a different focus.

In phase 1, you’ll use the 10-12 rep range to elicit muscle growth and movement mastery through repetition. During phase 2, you’ll utilize the 6-8 rep range and increase the intensity and elicit hypertrophy. For phase 3, you’ll hit the 2-5 rep range and your rest periods will increase to accommodate the increase in intensity. Get ready to train heavy here.

Along with your four foundational strength training workouts, you’ll have one targeted mobility session that can be done on your off days. It is highly recommended that you incorporate one to two mobility days, however, see the mobility workouts section for a more detailed explanation on how to incorporate this work into your program.

The program lasts 12 weeks and progresses you from a focus on repetition and movement mastery to raw strength and performance.